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Renewing Your Passport.

After many years of traveling, your passport will feel like an old pal. Unfortunately, after offering you great service when traveling all over the world, it is time for your pal to retire. Renewing your passport in a well-timed manner will keep you unattached and impressive free, ready to travel anywhere at a moment's notice.

Despite the temptation of trying to milk your passport for as long as you can, it won't be helpful. Read more about Passports from here and see page. According to the Department of State, you need to apply for the renewal of your passport nine months before the expiry date. However much this may seem like a scheme to milk some extra money out of you, it is not the case. Many countries around the world require that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months. Otherwise, you will be denied entry, even if you visit in the country was less than a month long.

The good thing is that you can apply for a passport renewal by mail in most cases. To be eligible to apply for the renewal, however, requires following some statements or instruction. You can only apply for a passport if you still have your passport in your possession not damaged- the normal tear is ok. Moreover, the passport in your possession should have been issued no more than 15 years ago, and it was issued subsequently to your 16th birthday. In any case that you have changed your name since it was issued, you need to show supporting legal documents to validate your request. Visit passport help to learn more about Passports. If any of the instructions cannot apply to you, you will be needed to apply in person like the first time.

If you are eligible to apply for a renewal by mail, you will need a completed duplicate of the passport renewal form along with the current passport in your possession, a new passport photo and a name change document where applicable. After that, you will send the documents in the address provided on the form along with a passport renewal fee of 110 dollars. If you would prefer to have a passport card in addition to your passport book, you will have to add 30 dollars.

You may have to wait for six weeks or more for your passport if you are applying for regular processing. However, you can have your passport sooner than that however under two options. You can use a private passport expediting company or request for an appointment with one of the country's local passport agencies. Learn more from

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